Bibi’s journey. Transformed.

Less than a year ago as she picked up a grenade while playing in her backyard in rural Afghanistan, Shah Bibi’s journey transported hers and thereby so many others in unforeseen ways. Having endured extraordinary pain at the loss of her right arm, her incredulous and arduous journey, on the arms of Children of War Foundation, brought her to Southern California. Her joy, her lightness, spilled forth beyond borders, bringing hope and possibility for many children suffering similarly at the hands of modern warfare.
After months of meticulous treatment and loving care by the doctors at Shriner's Hospital, she was fitted with a new arm, a renewal of her childhood. Within mere weeks of strapping on a her new arm, Shah Bibi redefined plastic prosthesis by the wave of a broad brushed paint stroke, expressing herself in her artwork at Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, as many looked on in awe.
Inspiring and heart wrenching, Shah Bibi teaches that a story of a girl awakening to the sounds of grenades and firearms, a life of such aggressive and frightening beginnings, can lead to hope and a call to action – that the collective effort of strangers, from her host family, to volunteers, to medical professionals, can hold the incredulous power to alter life. That perhaps fate’s cruelest residual inflictions, truly begins with the healing of one child at a time.
Today, for those of us she has left behind in the U.S., are made to marvel as Shah Bibi dances, sings, and even dresses herself with self-determination and strength. One girl. One new beginning.

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The transformative power of a little Afghan girl's spirit escaped no one – as Shah Bibi stands as a life-affirming testimony to the ceaseless work to re-birth our children who suffer cruelty at the hands of war.


Mahdi, he lost his left eye when he was 4 years, he’s now 11 and feels that he has a better chance at feeling and looking normal returning to Afghanistan.  Thank you to Stephen Haddad, BCO at  


Raheel, born without ears and under developed ear canals was a given the gift of hearing with a Baha hearing device. She returned to Afghanistan being able to hear and go to school.  Thank you to Cochlear at and Dr. Rick Friedman.  

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