Board of Trustees

The CASA Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of individuals donating their time to the community by focusing on supporting the CASA Program and securing funds to meet the individual needs of Clark County children in foster care. The CASA Foundation Board also includes representative members of the CASA Program (the independent county-funded child advocacy program). The balanced representation helps ensure that a variety of perspectives are available and that a wide range of community resources are considered in meeting the needs of these children.


Elizabeth Ghanem-Ham


Dawnelle Gallo

Vice President Events

Yvette Harris


Liz Douglas


Kristina Wildeveld-Coneh

Sergeant at Arms

B'Anka Neder-Mauro

Vice Chair PR & Marketing


Elizabeth Higgins

Lorrie Curriden

Laura Norton

Wendy Thomas

Kristina Wildeveld Coneh

Tom McCourt

Dave Clark

CASA Foundation

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Suite A101-160

Las Vegas, NV 89147

Phone. 702-588-2272