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Across America – and here in Clark County – all children deserve a home with loving people to care for them. However, each year in Clark County, thousands of children are abused, neglected or abandoned by their families.


Because families do not always live up to their obligations to their own children, in any given month, up to 500 children will be removed from their homes to reside – temporarily or permanently – in foster care. Through no fault of their own, these children – whose only “crime” is that they are victims of the adults who were responsible for caring for them – are thrust into the court system, where it becomes up to judges to decide their future.


Should these children be placed into – or remain in – foster care?

Should then be kept with – or reunited with – their birth parents?

Should they be placed for adoption, turning their backs on their birth parents and beginning to forge a new identity and a new life?

In each of these cases, the child at the heart of the problem runs the risk of becoming a victim a second time. Despite Clark County’s valiant and committed efforts, there are far too many precious children who become lost in an overburdened child welfare system that cannot pay close attention to each child whose life is in its hands. Sometimes a child who might otherwise be returned home or placed for adoption can remain in foster care for months, or even years.


How We Support the CASA Program

Potential county program volunteers must go through an intensive 40-hour training process. The CASA Foundation provides the light meal and snacks for the training.

The CASA Foundation funds all the entry (table-top) fees for the Clark County child advocate program to display and participate in community events.

The CASA Foundation funds awareness and incentive items given to the Clark County child advocate program volunteers, such as key chains, notebooks, writing pens, lapel pins, Appreciation cards, T-shirts, baseball hats and awards.

The CASA Foundation does an annual Reception Dinner and Gala at The Venetian that is free to all Clark County child advocate program volunteers with a reduced price for them to bring a guest. It is the sole CASA Foundation fundraiser for the year and includes a silent auction.

The Light of Hope event is held in April, the official Child and Abuse Awareness month. The CASA Foundation underwrote an awareness program promoting the need for Clark County child advocate program volunteers that can be used at all events.

The CASA Foundation provides funding for a select number of Clark County child advocate program volunteers and one (1) County child advocate program staff member to attend the state or national child advocacy volunteer convention each year.

The CASA Foundation funds public awareness campaigns, such as the 30th Anniversary logo and poster and the Each-One-Reach-One campaign for the Clark County child advocate program.


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CASA Foundation

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