Jordan, Medical Mission 2013

Through the facilitation of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the King Hussein Medical Center, and our American team of board certified sub specialized surgeons, reviewed over 100 cases, and operated on 44 children in four days.  The cases include:  hemangiomas, vascular anomalies, children with ambiguous genitalia and more. In addition to providing surgical care to the patients, the doctors’ lead a teaching symposium attended by physicians throughout Jordan.  This mission was very successful, not only did we transform the lives of 44 children but we also added a teaching component which makes our mission much more sustainable.  

The organization's vision for the future is to continue to partner with countries from across the globe including Jordan, in annual medical missions that would bring in specialized surgeons from all over the world.  This would be a great opportunity to collaborate, operate on challenging cases and transform children’s lives in various regions.  In addition, this would draw global visibility to countries such as Jordan as a country where physicians are coming to work together, learn, and project the humanitarian and portray this humanitarian collaboration as an advocate for education, peace, solidarity and a beacon of light for all to learn from.

Special Thanks to Jordan Tourism Board Official Sponsor, Jordan Mission 2013  

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